All you need to know about the 2019 assessments

​Do you have questions about your 2019 BC Tax Assessment? The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) has some information for you and I can help you too! If you are going to dispute your notice do so by JANUARY 31, 2019. I can then help you gather the information you need.

Interestingly the BC Assessment Authority said Whistler homes…

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Whistler Blackcomb Beats December Snowfall Record

Whistler Blackcomb set a new snowfall record for the month of December and the snow hasn’t stopped falling. Daily statistics show that 384 centimetres (12.6 feet) of fresh snow fell last month, beating the all-time record for a December month, set in 1994, by four centimetres! Come ski it for yourself.

Ps: take a look at some the fab January photos…

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​​​Whistler 7 Day Update


17 New Listings in the past 7 days CLICK HERE

7 Price Changes in the past 7 days CLICK HERE

8 Completed Sales in the past 7 days CLICK HERE


88 Current Listings in Whistler CLICK HERE​​​​

Favorite listings of the week

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​​​Whistler 7 Day Update


16 New Listings in the past 7 days CLICK HERE

7 Price Changes in the past 7 days CLICK HERE

17 Completed Sales in the past 7 days CLICK HERE



224 Current Listings in Whistler CLICK HERE




Favorite listings of the week

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Mandatory Form required under section 5-11.1 of the Real Estate Rules.

Each time a trading services licensee presents an offer to their seller client, they must include a completed disclosure form that informs the client about the remuneration the licensee's brokerage will receive.

The form explains to the seller:

  • the total commission that the listing brokerage would receive if the offer is accepted
  • how the commission would be shared with any cooperating brokerage
  • any other payment the licensee will receive, or expects to receive, as a result of the trade

This information helps ensure that sellers are fully informed of the expected remuneration that the brokerage(s) will…

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Mandatory disclosure required under section 5-17 of the Real Estate Rules, effective June 15, 2018.

The Superintendent has provided a narrow exemption to the rule prohibiting dual agency, for rare situations where:

(1) the trade occurs in remote locations

(2) that are under-served by licensees and 

(3) where an alternative to dual agency would be impracticable

All three conditions must be met in order to qualify under this exemption.

"Impracticable" means "not capable of being done." It does not mean "inconvenient."

Before practicing dual agency under this exemption, a licensee must make a disclosure to both parties to the transaction called the Disclosure of Risks Associated…

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Mandatory Form required under the section 5-18 of the Real Estate Rules, effective June 15, 2018.

When the Superintendent of Real Estate rules takes effect on June 15th, you won't be able to continue representing both clients in these situations because that would amount to dual agency. However, under section 5-18 of the Rules, licensees will now have two options to manage situations where to continue acting for both clients would amount to dual agency:

(1) Refer each client to other real estate licensees to represent their interests in the transaction, or

(2) If both clients agree, continue acting for one client and stop representing the other client in this transaction.…

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