Buying or Selling a House is an exciting time!! It also involves some time to review and sign contracts - thats why there's DOCUSIGN, a great tool used to sign contracts online - its convenient and easy plus makes the process much simpler. 

Here's quick steps and a "HOW-TO" Video to help you understand how it works: 

1. Receive a notice via email from docusign and click on the link in email.  2. Acknowledge you are signing a legal document  3. Choose an Initial and Signature that are similar to your own 4. Follow and Click On the Yellow Post It Notes/Tabs to initial and sign  5. Once done signing, Click Finish and That's it.   

Its that easy! All electronic signatures are secure, legally binding and widely accepted for business…

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Your Sea to Sky Newsletter

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How was the market in June? Let's hear from Denise about June 2019 Whistler Market Updates! Check out our Blog for more. 

Introducing our new LEADING EDGE Real Estate Property Search App!

We created and launched this innovative app to help you in your real estate journey. Browse through properties, work…

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COMING SOON HOT Listings, NEW Property Search App& Events!!

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Episode 5 of Denise's Favourite Things - Her favourite spa: Scandinave Spa. 

Whistler Weekly Update


23 New Listings in the past 7 days CLICK HERE

Price Changes in the past 7 days ​CLICK HERE

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ABSORPTION RATE - The rate at which homes are selling in Whistler.

There are 3 pieces of information you will need to find absorption rate:

  1.    The specific time frame
  2.    The number of sold homes during that time frame
  3.    The number of active homes right now

Here is how I calculated the absorption rate for the Whistler from January to June 30 2019


1. Time Frame =181 days (total days from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019

2. Number of Sold Homes =243 (from January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2019)

3. Number of Active Homes = 345


  •          Rate of Home Sales =.7449 - 1 home is sold every .7449 days. This number is found by taking 181/243 (Time Frame/Number of Sold Homes)
  •          Absorption Rate =…

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1. Assess Your Risk - review your home & yard, look at: 

  • Type of roofing/material
  • Gutters/Roof
  • Vents/Interior Siding
  • Doors/Windows/Garage Door 

Ask yourself questions about each item and score your home using the FireSmart Home Assessment 

2. Consider the following while reviewing:  For Your Home
  • Have you discussed wildfire damage and loss with your insurance provider?
  • Is your roof in poor condition? 
  • Is your chimney clean?
For Your Yard
  • Is the area within 10 metres of buildings free of flammable trees, other vegetation and combustible materials?
  • Are large capacity propane tanks within 10 metres of buildings? Are they clear of vegetation?
  • Is fire suppression equipment readily available?…

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