21 Grants and Rebates

21 Grants and Rebates for Home Buyers and Owners in Canada

1. Federal Home Buyers’ Plan

Qualifying homebuyers can withdraw up to $60,000 (couples up to $120,000) from their RRSPs for a down payment. Must begin repaying within five years and repay within 15 years. Eligibility to use program a second time: home buyers who’ve experienced a breakdown in their marriage/common-law partnership and those who have repaid their RRSP. Can be used together with the First Home Savings Account program. Canada Revenue Agency. Learn more.

2. Federal Tax-Free First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

Qualifying first-time buyers can contribute up to $8,000 yearly to a maximum of $40,000 towards a down payment. Contributions are tax deductible; Capital gains…

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Strata Insurance Image

Do you and your tenants have enough Strata Insurance?

The Strata Manager reminded all Owners to obtain their own insurance coverage for personal property contents as well as third party liability coverage.

Individual homeowner or Tenant insurance coverage is strongly recommended. Owners should also obtain additional coverage if they make any major improvements within their strata lots, such as upgrading of appliances, fixtures, floor coverings, hardwood floors, etc. (subject to approval as outlined in the Strata Corporation Bylaws).

Displacement coverage would also assist Owners or Tenants who would have to move out of their suites during a major loss, and loss of rental coverage is recommended for those individuals who rent out…

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Westin 14 luxury suites for sale

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