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Alpine Meadows Active & Sold

Do you live in Alpine Meadows and are interested in Alpine Meadows statistics?  Below is a spreadsheet that shows the active listings as at January 16, 2023 as well as all sales of homes and land in 2023.

You can keep up-to-date on the listings and sales at this link HERE

If you want a customs update on your own property I offer FREE, no obligation market evaluations.

Have a great day.


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As a 22 year award-winning Whistler REALTOR® and a passionate 31 year Whistler resident, I am dedicated to using my expertise and local connections to ensure the success of your Whistler real estate journey from start to finish.

A true local, I have raised my family right here in Whistler and know the people & businesses to connect you with so you can enjoy the Whistler life as much as my family and I do.

Having also travelled the world and moved more than thirty times (my family are real estate investors too), I can anticipate your service expectations to make your experience one that is memorable and stress free.

This link HERE is for listings over $7,000,000 and is on my website.

For those interested…

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Foreign Buyer Ban

Beginning January 1, 2023, non-Canadians will be banned from buying residential property across Canada for two years. Although the federal government has still not released supporting regulations at this point, the Canadian Real Estate Association and BCREA will notify REALTORS® as soon as any guidance is released.  There are some exceptions (and Whistler may be one of them), full details won't be available to us until January 1st (frustrating I know!)

Click HERE to read the full article.  

Home Buyer Rescission Period

Also beginning January 3, 2023, The HBRP provides buyers an opportunity to rescind their contract to purchase certain…

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4090 Whistler Way,
Whistler BC

I have just created THE source for everything Westin Resort & Spa on my website

Check out for everything you can possibly think of to read or review when buying or selling in the Westin Hotel Whistler.

  1. Current suites for sale

  2. Hotel Management Agreement

  3. Assumption & Assignment Agreement

  4. Friends & Family rates

  5. Owner nightly rate

  6. November 12 spreadsheet analysis of active and sold suites

  7. Lawyer Closing Document

  8. Realtor Info Package

  9. New Owner Info…

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Should you pay down your mortgage or invest in the stock market?

I just reviewed a great article that I wanted to share with you.  And the answer to the above question .... it depends. 

What is your mortgage interest rate?  How long until you retire?  How much money have you already invested in your TFSA or RRSP?  Wealthsimple has put together a great summary and table that can help you decide.  Take a look here

Sneakpeak:  it's always good to pay down your mortgage to increase your equity so that you have options if you want to invest in other properties.  And to decrease your overall debt as you head toward retirement.



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How do I sell my home for more money

Marketing your home

I am a listing specialist.  I focus on my strengths and what I have really enjoyed about the past 22 years selling Whistler real estate.  I have honed my negotiation skills.  I am continuously adding to my marketing program to reach prospective buyers.  I have long, reliable relationships with local experts to do small or large property updates if needed.   Your home will be professional photography ready when it goes on the market to achieve the highest sales price in the shortest time frame with terms favourable to you.  

I have a database of over 5,500 people and market your property proactively to my them.  I refer new buyers to a qualified Realtor in my office.   My area of expertise is marketing homes for sale and…

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Who is Dave Brown?  And what am I up to these days?

A short post for those who may be doing some googling and are a bit confused..  Dave Brown is my ex-husband and the father of my two wonderful children, Hayden and Griffin Brown who are now 18 and 22 years old.  Dave started selling real estate just before our son Griffin was born in 2004.   We separated in 2007.  Dave now works out of the Whistler Real Estate Company office.  Of course, when googling real estate in Whistler you will see both of our names come up.

I trained Dave when he initially started in real estate and he has become an excellent Realtor.  Which I always knew he would be.  He wasn't quite sure at the time and when he decided to keep selling real estate rather than going back to…

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A little more recent info about me.

I am still here specializing in the marketing of Whistlers' beautiful properties.  That's my area of expertise.

I am proud to still be an award-winning REALTOR in this fabulous resort of ours after 22 years.   Still with the same brokerage RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate.  And still loving listing and selling our beautiful Whistler homes.

Covid brought about many, many changes.  Big ones came about in how we did real estate.  Many buyers and sellers became comfortable with new technologies and amazingly, this did help us feel closer to each other (I'm talking about video conferencing; facebook messenger; and zoom).  I thought a back-to-basics real estate focus was needed in such a complicated period and with it…

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