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Whistler Real Estate 14 day Update

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2020 required all of us to get back to basics.

We pooled our skills and resources to help each other.

We regrouped and focussed on what we do best to the benefit of our friends, colleagues, and clients.

So did I.

No longer the LEADING EDGE Real Estate Team. Back to the roots of my real estate career.

A Solopreneur.

I will not strive to be #1 in Sales Volume, #1 in Commission Earned, #1 In my Office. Nor #1 in RE/MAX.

I reinforce my attention to quality.  Not quantity.  There is a difference.

I want you to be my #1.

I am happy being your Pepsi.   Others can tout their status against "Coca Cola" Realtors. 

Let me…

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Whistler Real Estate 14 day Update

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Sold in 5 Days!

536 Blackcomb Springs Suites

Studio suite  |  1 bathroom  |  424 SF   |  Phase 2 nightly rental zoning

Listed at $249,000 CAD       SOLD


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Karen Garrett
Professional Mortgage Broker
DLC Sea to Sky Mortgages Team

Cell: 604.938.3638

Rates as of: March 29, 2021

Terms Posted
  Per $100k
Our Rates Payment
  Per $100k
6 Months 3.04% $475.30 2.79% $462.54 $12.76
1 Year 2.79% $462.54 1.84% $415.77 $46.77
2 Years 2.94% $470.17 1.54% $401.59 $68.59
3 Years 3.49% $498.74 1.54% $401.59 $97.16
4 Years 3.74% $512.02 1.84% $415.77 $96.25
5 Years 4.59% $558.49 2.04%

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March 26, 2021                                                                                                                                      Denise Brown PREC
Whistler Real Estate Update

In this issue:

14-day real estate market update: New, Sold & Price Drops                   
536 Blackcomb Springs Suites:  Studio For Sale.                                        
The Home…

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17 New Whistler listings in the past 7 days.  Click here

2 price changes in Whistler in the past 7 days.  Click here

16 properties were transferred to Buyer in the past 7 days.  Click here

There are 252 active listings in Whistler (slightly up).  Click here

Search photographs and more details on active listings on my website


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# price range

Personal use or AirBNB nightly rental option
Any special amenities?  pool, hot tub ...


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The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver REBGV brings us an update on the dramatic increase in strata insurance, and the changes made by the BC Legislature.  

BC Strata insurers to end ‘best terms pricing’

When news of skyrocketing insurance premiums for strata developments emerged at the beginning of the year the province tasked the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) to investigate in search of solutions. The BCFSA is the agency responsible for regulating the private insurance sector in the province.

In June, BCFSA issued an interim report, which found that a practice known as ‘best terms pricing’ had contributed to premiums increasing an average of 50 per cent in Metro Vancouver. A subsequent report found that 94 per cent of sample…

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November Whistler Real Estate Analysis



It's a Sellers Market
Simple supply and demand.
Little supply.  BIG demand.

Active listings continue to go down 
The number of sales keeps going up
The average and median sales prices keep going up
List prices are being corrected to match buyers perceived market value


What does this mean for buyers?

I have said for many, many years, the right time to buy is when you see your perfect property.  Now, no property is absolutely perfect.  It could be in the right location.  Has the number of bedrooms & bathrooms you need to fit your family.  All the amenities you want.  

But maybe it needs new paint.  New furniture.  The kitchen and bathroom are outdated.  You are wondering if you are going to pay too much.

Relax ....  take a step…

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