Karen Garrett of Dominion Lending Centre/Sea to Sky Mortgages has ALL the information you need if you are a non-resident of Canada (or a resident) wanting to buy a property in Whistler. I am attaching two pieces of information. Just click on the links below:

Dominion Lending Centres non resident US only

Dominion Lending Centres USA Resident Financing

You can also contact her direct… she’s a great friend of mine and a wonderful person to help you organizing the financing of your purchase.

Karen GarrettLicensed Mortgage Professional

Dominion Lending Centre

Sea to Sky Mortgages

Ph 604.905.6359/ After hours 604.938.3638

Fx 604.905.4460/ 1.877.905.4460

Cell/Mobile 604.938.3638

Toll free phone 1.888.689.0070

And if you…

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Things to do Prior to Completion

If applicable and specifically prepared for Whistler properties bought and sold.

Don’t forget to ……

  • Contact Telus at 1-604-310-2255 to transfer/cancel the telephone, internet or Optik TV
  • Contact Strata Management Company to organize or cancel monthly payment of fees
  • Contact Tourism Whistler to organize payment/cancellation of annual Tourism Whistler fees 1-604-932-3928
  • Contact Shaw Cable at 1-604-932-1111 to transfer cable service; Bell ExpressVu to transfer satellite service 1-888-SKYDISH or 310-BELL; Contact Starchoice to transfer satellite service 1 866 STAR-WEB (7827-932)
  • Contact BC Hydro at 604-224-9376 or 1-800-224-9376 to transfer services; Contact FortisBC (natural or propane gas) at…

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Emergency Preparedness Kit

What do you need to pack in case of an emergency? Print out this Emergency Preparedness Kit and pack for safety!

M: Must haves R: Recommended N: Nice to have




  M Water – 2 litres per person per day
  R Water – 4 litres per person per day
  R Energy/Granola/Trail Bars
  R Trail Mix
  N Hardy Candy/Chocolate/Gum
  N Protein Drinks and Meal Replacements
  N Dried Foods (fruit and beef jerky)


  M Running shoes or other comfortable walking shoes
  M Hat
  R Gloves
  R/N Blanket or quilt

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Whistler as You Have Always Imagined It

WedgeWoods is a bold vision for Whistler living. Its vast acreage properties enjoy a private wilderness spread across a terraced mountain valley with year-round sun, offering more space on which to build, live, and play. Just a 12-minute drive north of Whistler Village, WedgeWoods accesses the amenities and year round alpine adventure that have made Whistler a world-famous destination. Here you can be connected, but have a place all your own.

Located 1,200 meters from the north boundary of the Resort Municipality of Whistler (and only 12 minutes from Whistler Village), the WedgeWoods property encompasses 600 acres, 350 acres of which are protected wilderness. Beyond the property lines, Garibaldi Provincial…

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When applying for mortgage financing today it is ever more important to have your paperwork organized and ready to go…

Anticipating and providing what the banks need help to increase the success for approval, and make the process more efficient when offers are written and subject removal deadlines have to be met.

Here is a list of the items that will likely be required from you:

    1. Your last 2 years T-1 General tax returns and the Notices of Assessment to go with each year. Why do you have to provide both? Because the banks want to see the T-1 General returns to see the source of where and how your income was earned, and the Notices of Assessment to confirm that the returns were filed properly and accurately.
    2. Employment letter on company…

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Buyers make when purchasing a home

  1. Making an offer on a home without being prequalified for your financing.
  2. Not having a home inspection.
  3. Limiting your search to open houses, ads or the internet – the Realtors do have the inside scoop.
  4. Choosing a real estate agent who is not committed to forming a strong business relationship with you.
  5. Thinking there is only one perfect house out there.
  6. Not considering your long term needs
  7. Not examining the insurance
  8. Not buying a home with a protection plan i.e., if it is new.
  9. Not knowing the total costs involved – ask me for more info!
  10. Not following through on due diligence -ie do your homework

If you know of anyone who would appreciate the kind of service I offer, I’d love to help…

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Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance Corporation
1604 – 700 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8

Licensees who act outside their area of expertise and knowledge run a higher risk of making a mistake than those who stick to what they know. A real estate licensee in BC holding a trading license is not restricted in the type or location of property they are listing, selling or leasing. However, licensees should give careful consideration before stepping outside their comfort zone as there are several potential pitfalls. For example, licensees selling residential real estate may not be familiar with issues unique to the sale of commercial properties or businesses. Licensees working mainly in one municipality may not be familiar with zoning, bylaw,…

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Properties covered by the phase one nightly rental covenant require that when the property is not being utilized for personal use it be made available 90% of the time for a rental through a bonafide property rental management company. With most phase 1 properties you have the flexibility to choose your own rental management company or organize your own nightly rentals. Your property does need to be occupied for it to earn revenue.

The phase two nightly rental covenant restricts owner personal use of the property to 28 days in the summer, 28 days in the winter and requires that the property is available for rentals through a property rental management company. With phase 2 properties, a rental pool situation is most commonly in place, i.e. so long as…

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Families love Whistler for obvious reasons. Raising children in one of the top-rated adventure destinations in the world has many perks. Access to the best programs, facilities, events and outdoor recreation is every parents dream. Whistler also has a collection of excellent schools. For primary age children there are two public elementary schools and one private schools. Whistler Secondary School is the only high-public school in town which is attended by approx. 350 youth. If you’re thinking of moving to Whistler, here are the schools in the community.

Myrtle Philip Community School

Myrtle Philip Community School was founded in 1976, and is the original primary school in Whistler. The elementary school has grades kindergarten to seven with an…

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Our American friends have for a long time had a love affair with Whistler. In recent years the favourable exchange rate has prompted increased numbers of Americans visiting and buying property in Whistler whether for investment, recreational use or both. Whistler Blackcomb being acquired by Vale Resorts will surely increase the demand of Whistler for US ski-bound travellers, and the 15 percent foreign buyer’s tax which effects Metro Vancouver will likely push buyers to surrounding areas such as Whistler. Many believe that the ‘Trump Effect’ could also increase the desirability of Canadian real estate to those looking for an exit strategy from the US. So just how significant is American investment in Whistler real estate, and is it expected to increase due…

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