Where will you live? Where will you call home? These questions are often part of the beginning stages of moving and finding the answer may not be straight forward. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing where you will look for your future home. Jobs, climate, taxes, affordability and lifestyle are just to name a few. Speaking to local homeowners is a great way to gain insight into why they chose to call their current location home. We’ve done the work for you and spoken to the locals that have bought here about why they love Whistler!

Carolyn K.

Moved Here: 2014

Home Owner Since: 2014

Loves Whistler Because: I’m currently not living in Whistler full time but the lifestyle makes the commute worth it! The market in Whistler is…

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The Vancouver real estate market has been a hot topic in the news throughout the past few months. The most recent topic hitting headlines is the recently imposed tax on foreign buyers, which was implemented just a few days ago.

Though Whistler is not part of Metro Vancouver area, it’s still useful to know what’s going on a few hours south of us. Most importantly, it’s crucial to understand how changes in the Vancouver market could affect the Whistler market.

Vancouver, British Columbia

1. The Tax

On August 2, 2016, a new tax was implemented on foreign purchasers of properties in Metro Vancouver. Foreign nationals and corporations purchasing real estate in the Vancouver area – which includes Burnaby, Delta, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Lion’s Bay, Bowen Island, Langley,…

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It seems that every real estate market has its own local lingo, and Whistler is certainly no exception. For example, here in Whistler, we don’t call them single-family homes – we refer to them as “chalets”. Doesn’t that seem fitting for a mountain town?

“Phase I” and “Phase II” are two other terms that are heard on a regular basis – terms that are most likely unfamiliar to those not immersed in the world of Whistler real estate. In order to make educated decisions and feel confident in the buying and selling processes, it’s important for my clients to understand key terminology like this. The focus of this blog post and the next will be to explain what these terms mean.

Let’s start with Phase I.

The Phase I Covenant

The Phase I designation…

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In a previous blog post, I told you all about the Phase I covenant. In this post, I’m going to cover its counterpart, the Phase II covenant.

Wait… What’s a Covenant Again?

For a refresher, a covenant is something that is registered to a property’s title by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). It is NOT a zoning bylaw, which is something that can be amended (at least in theory – this is not a fast, easy, or guaranteed process). The Phase II covenant runs with a property’s title – in other words, it’s not going anywhere.

Permitted Uses

While the Phase I covenant allows several uses, the Phase II covenant is not nearly as flexible. Here is how the RMOW defines it:

A Phase II Rental Pool Covenant is more restrictive in terms of owner…

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It's no secret that once the season changes from summer to fall, every inch of Whistler hums the new autumn tune- the temperature drops, the rain becomes more prevalent and best of all, the mountainside comes alive with new colors. Red, orange and yellow hues start to weave their way through the mountainside, gradually taking over the familiar green of summer. With nature surrounding you all over town, it’s not hard to see the transition but there are a few places that provide a stunning show of Whistler’s fall colors.

Village North

Visit David's Tea then sit back on one of the many lounge chairs surrounding Olympic Plaza. Your view will include all the colors of fall intertwined with the beauty of the village.

Lakeside Park

Take in the…

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Winter is just around the corner and according to the long-term forecast, Whistler is in for a cold, snowy one! With the drop in temperatures comes a whole list of things to do to get your home winter ready. Preparing your home for winter can help alleviate large hydro bills, an unwanted draft and damage that can be costly in the long run. So get your home cold weather-ready with these cost effective tips to winterize your home.

Seal The Windows

Window seals can break down over time or become damaged, resulting in the outside air coming in that can force you to turn up the thermostat. Fill cracks with caulking or install weather stripping where needed to prevent this from being a problem. If this is something out of your realm, hire a handyman to…

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Selling your home today looks a lot different than it did 25 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. What worked back then doesn’t necessarily apply to today’s market — and just think of all the new tools that have evolved in the not-so-distant past!

Then why are so many agents still using marketing techniques of the past to try to sell properties?

Though I have been selling properties in Whistler for more than 15 years, I don’t rely on the tactics I learned when I first entered the field to sell my clients’ properties. In fact, I pride myself on staying on top of marketing opportunities and technological trends. I continually seek to further my education and to stay on top of new marketing tech. Why? It’s simple: because my clients deserve to…

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It's not hard to never leave this mountain town with all the amazing things to do right outside your door step. From skiing to biking, and everything in-between, there are endless activities in Whistler to keep you busy. That being said, it is always nice to break things up with day trip to a neighbouring city! Whistler lies conveniently in the middle of the Sea to Sky Corridor, making it an easy location to travel to and from. We have gathered up a few of the day trips from Whistler for when you feel like exploring what the nearby areas have to offer!


Just 30 minutes south from Whistler, Squamish is another mountain town waiting to be explored. Also home to some more world class mountain biking, Squamish is known as the outdoor activity…

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BC Real Estate Association

2016 First Quarter Housing Quarter Update

“Housing demand in the province is being supported by a relatively robust economy, leading to strong employment growth and rising wages. In addition, net interprovincial migration is on an upswing as many Albertans look to BC for job opportunities. BC home sales are forecast to remain well above the ten-year average of 83,200 units over the next two years” states the BC Real Estate Association.

Whistler housing demand is also driven by a robust economy and strong USD. Limited availability with only 407 listings available this week to browse through. Predictions for this year continue to be along the same vein as Whistler homes are selling quicker than we have seen in 7 years.

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Having sold Real Estate in the resort town of Whistler BC for 15 years (and having lived in Whistler for 25), I have become familiar with the market, and what sets it apart from other real estate markets in British Columbia (and across the world for that matter). Aspects of Whistler’s resort-town-living, demographics, property regulations and seasonality make it a distinctly dynamic real estate market- requiring additional considerations and information for buyers and sellers. Here I will attempt to lay out the key aspects that make Whistler’s Real Estate Market unique.

Resort Living

Even though the population of Whistler hovers around the 10,000 mark- the year-round tourists exceed 2 million visitors per year. An influx that once concentrated…

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