Selling your property is not always an easy decision. It’s rarely a black-and-white matter; typically, there are several factors at play and it’s not always easy to sort through them all.

Whistler is currently experiencing a seller’s market, which means that if you own a property in town, conditions are in your favour. With high demand for Whistler real estate and a low level of inventory, odds are good that there are plenty of people out there seeking a place just like the one you own – and many who may be willing to put forth an attractive offer.

Properties today are moving quickly and at price points that are higher than we’ve seen in many years. But how do you know whether or not now is the time to make a move and list your Whistler property for…

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Whistler is a unique real estate market, to say the least.

Aside from understanding the characteristics of our various neighbourhoods and property types, there is an entire vocabulary that is specific to the Whistler market. Local agents are fluent in terms such as “Phase I” and “Phase II”, “Tourism Whistler Fees”, “GST applicable”, and the like. (This is why it pays to have an experienced local expert on your side!)

This post is all about the Tourism Whistler fee. Some – but not all – Whistler property owners may have to pay this annual fee, but many do so without knowing exactly what it is. Prospective buyers might see it pop up in listing details as “TW Fees”, but may not be certain of what it entails.

Nobody likes paying extra fees, so lets…

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If you’ve been following the Whistler real estate market lately, you’ve probably heard the term “inventory” used extensively.

Inventory may be the buzzword of the moment – but what, exactly, does it mean?

When most people think of inventory, they think of the product that a company has in stock. The same concept applies to inventory in a real estate context: the products are the properties listed for sale in a given market.

T-Shirts and Two Bedrooms

Think of a retail store that sells t-shirts. If inventory is high, that means that there are plenty of t-shirts in stock. If you’re coming in to get a blue t-shirt in XL, odds are pretty good that they will have plenty of these shirts in stock.

Similarly, when inventory levels are high in…

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“Most individuals who sell real estate are aware that a sale of a principal residence does not attract income tax.”

The Income Tax Act requires the individuals to file a prescribed form with their income tax return for the year in which the principal residence is sold. In practice, however, the vast majority of individuals who sell their principal residence will merely ignore the requirement to file the proper forms under the assumption that the sale is not taxable.

In order for a property to qualify as a principal residence during any particular year it must:

  1. be a housing unit, a leasehold interest therein, or a share of stock of the co-operative housing corporation. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) interprets the term housing unit as being a…

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Spagnuolo & Co Real Estate Lawyers have done a fabulous job of explaining what Title Insurance is and why you need it! Check out the article here. This article discusses:

  1. What is Title Insurance?
  2. What does Title Insurance Cover?
  3. How much does Title Insurance cost?
  4. How do you order Title Insurance?
  5. Why Stewart Title?
  6. Is Title Insurance mandatory?
  7. What is the Land Title Office Notification System and can this be used to guard against title fraud?


We hope this is of help to those concerned about title fraud and title insurance. For further information or answers to any questions on Title Insurance, you can email Spagnuolo & Co direct at

Please remember that while they try to keep their…

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Spagnuolo & Co Real Estate Lawyers have done a fabulous job of explaining how easy it is for non-residents of Canada to purchase a property and the what is needed from the Canada Revenue Agency during ownership as well as when a non-resident of Canada sells a property. They have also explained “Who is a Non-Resident”.

Check out the article here.

Two other VERY IMPORTANT things to do while you are in Canada: open a Canadian Bank account and visit your lawyer to get them to Certify your Identification!!


We hope this is of help. For further information or answers to any questions, you can email Spagnuolo & Co…

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Why would you list with another company when you can choose one that has THE technology to reach the buyers to get your property SOLD?

RE/MAX of Western Canada, Denise Brown and RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate Whistler have the technology marketing all TIED UP when we reach your target market in Western Canada MORE (that’s 4,827,883 more) than the other LOCAL companies.

Denise Brown and RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate Whistler have the marketing all TIED UP when we can advertise your property over 16.5 MILLION times MORE than the other LOCAL companies.  

Call Denise Today 16049352013 to ask her how she can get your property sold!

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6-year award winner of the REBGV Medallion Club

I WIN! Yay! Once a year I am allowed to Toot my own horn

All of us (even me) are shy about shouting to the rooftops about our awards, but once a year I let myself glow!

2014 was a year of personal struggles and 2015 has started a little of the same, HOWEVER, I have still managed to keep assisting my FAVORITE CLIENTS with their Whistler real estate decisions. Helping people is what I do and one of my rewards is this… recognition from my peers.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (for the 6th year in a row) has included me in their Medallion Club which is the Top 10% of Realtors participating in their MLS. Whistler has their own private Whistler Listing System but I feel it is absolutely…

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Hello Whistler property owners

Did you receive your Notice of Assessed Value this week and it shows the value of your property went up significantly and you are not sure why?

BC Assessment Authority Vancouver BC

BC Assessment Authority Vancouver BC

The BC Assessment Office has put out this information Video for you to look at here.

They have great tools and resources on their website at On this website they are stating that Whistler properties increased in value an average of 6.2%, although they are using a home in White Gold as an example at the value date of July 1, 2013 it was worth $988,000 and July 1, 2014 it was worth $1,061,000 (approx 7.4%).

What about your property? You can check to see which properties the BC Assessment office used to review…

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