So you’re thinking about selling your Whistler home!

Ready to cash in on Whistler’s four season popularity and, by all accounts, a booming seller’s market, you’re a mere phone call or email away from putting up a For Sale sign. You’re eager to get started… but you’re not exactly sure how to get started.

The first step is easy: contact a knowledgeable professional local REALTOR® who is well versed in the Whistler market. While you wait for paperwork to be processed and photos to be taken, here’s what else you can do to prepare for the sale of your Whistler property.

Cull the Clutter

When your house sells – and it may happen more quickly than you think – you’re going to need to pack up all of your personal possessions, so why not get a head start? Packing up your stuff and getting rid of clutter not only save you work down the road, but will help your property show in its best light. Translation: an attractive property will yield attractive offers.

Sweat the Small Stuff

The burned out light bulb in the spare bedroom. The closet door that’s hanging by its hinges. The drippy faucet in the guest bathroom. In the eyes of a buyer, these little issues can add up – and they start to wonder what other repairs are lurking behind walls or beneath roofs that they can’t see. Hire a handyman or dedicate a weekend to finally tackling those household fixes that have been resting on the back burner.

Get Organized

In a hot market like the one we’re experiencing, things happen fast. To avoid last minute scrambling, it’s a good idea to gather important contact details that will allow you to transfer or cancel services that you currently have in place. Make a list of services, such as internet, cable, phone, snow removal, hydro, insurance, and etc. and determine the processes that you’ll need to take to terminate these services.

If you get mail delivered to your Whistler home, don’t forget to update your address. You can order a mail forwarding service through Canada Post to help see you through the transition.


Curb appeal still matters, and a little effort to spruce your home up on the outside could help it make a positive first impression. Tidy the garden, sweep decks and balconies, and tend to any repairs that need to be made. Consider investing in an exterior window washer – you may not realize that your windows are dirty, but having the professionally cleaned can help brighten up your home and draw attention to views from your property.

Prepare the Paperwork

If you have any paperwork pertaining to your home – property plans, permits from renovations, user guides to appliances, etc. – gather them together in one folder. These files will come in handy for both your listing agent and the future owner of your property.

As your dedicated REALTOR®, I can help you navigate each step of the sales process – I can even recommend professional service providers to tackle all of the items on this list, if you’re out of town or too busy to attend to them yourself. Touch base with me – I’d love to guide you through the sale of your home.

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