May Your Days Be Holly, Jolly and Filled With Laughter

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Happy Holidays, my favorite people!

It's December 24th, and I'm in Australia for a quick visit with family. I understand from the photos coming across my social media that the snow is falling in Whistler, although it is quite late this year.

It has been an interesting year for me, both personally and professionally.

I started volunteering at a horse rescue ranch in Squamish in February 2023, which involved a lot of physical work (scooping poop, etc.), to which I was able to add some horsemanship lessons and personal time with the rescues. What I found was the benefits I received from the time spent with the horses were significant to my mental health, let alone what I was able to give to them in volunteer hours. And then this August, I ended up rescuing 3 horses from the meat auctions myself. A 20-year-old workhorse needing retirement and two young colts. What I learned about myself has been amazing, and my contribution was not of the professional horsemanship kind but of the socialization (or, I say, huggie kissie stuff) which will help them be better horses for someone in the future. The youngsters are being professionally trained and will be matched with appropriate homes in the spring when it's appropriate. The older horse is being rehabilitated from a life of overwork and lack of care. He is on fattening grains and supplements and gentle walkies for now.

Professionally, we've had a slowdown overall in the Whistler real estate market, with prices softening slightly from the 2020-2021 highs. Properties are staying on the market longer, and more negotiation is occurring. There are more listings available to purchase; however, it still comes down to a select couple once we fine-tune the buyer's search criteria.

A proud statistic: I was #22 out of 100 Realtors in Western Canada for October (individual, residential). I continue to be focused on the quality of service I provide rather than the quantity of transactions each year. I have become closer to some lovely families this year and look forward to keeping in touch with them for many years to come. I have listed and sold condos, townhomes, hotel suites, and beautiful homes. Each time I list a property for sale, I seem to add another marketing tool to my toolbox to give the greatest exposure to the greatest number of buyers possible. Marketing is my 'thing,' and I really love seeing Whistler homes exposed and sold to the next lucky family. It's a joy to help.

I'm also continuing my learning with my current foray into a Masters of Applied Legal Studies (Notary Public) which is studied at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. This degree and specialty will be a nice complement to my real estate offerings in about 3 years when I'm finished (LOL).

I hope you and your family are enjoying your holiday week as I am.

Happy Ho HO,


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