They are moving to North Vancouver, British Columbia! 

According to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine, "U-haul's migration trends report for 2019 shows that North Vancouver, BC is the No.  1 U-haul Canadian Growth City, posting the largest net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering the city versus leaving it during the past calendar year." 

"North Vancouver is enjoying the trend of people moving toward the West Coast and all it has to offer" and its close to Whistler on the Sea to Sky Highway. 

 For more, check out the Canadian Real Estate Wealth article: Which Canadian cities are people moving to now? 

Visiting Whistler or want to invest in property up here? Reach out to discuss more and visit us up here in Whistler!



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Welcome to your Weekly VIP Update! ❄️The new year brought snow ❄️and more on the way. Skiing all day? Soak up those legs at the Scandinave Spa - watch the video to find out why Denise likes the spa and visit:

See your weekly updated listings in Whistler, our feature listings and a HOT Phase 1 listing for sale!

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Happy Holidays! Welcome to your Weekly VIP Update for December 17. Above is a holiday greeting from Denise and below are your weekly updated listings in Whistler, our feature listings, Denise's weekly favourite and What's On In Whistler. We hope you enjoy it!

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You just purchased or you're selling a rental property in Whistler, Canada but you're a non-resident in Canada. What happens now? 

These brochures will help answer your questions or issues about taxes, what to file and more.

 Purchasing Property: Taxes for Non-Residents

Sale of Property by a Non-Resident

Reach out anytime for any further questions! 

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