It's Property Tax Notice Time

So you've received a Notice from the BC Assessment Office giving you a value of your property as at July 1, 2022.  It's a long document that can be confusing and keep in mind:

  • Your property's assessed value can have gone up, down or stayed the same

  • the assessed value is at July 1, 2022

  • this value will determine how much your property taxes will be when you get your bill JULY 1, 2023.

  • if you disagree with this value you have until January 31 to dispute the Notice.  More details are on the notice on how to do this.

  • You have have evidence of why you disagree with this value. Talk to ME about gathering this evidence.

  • the Provincial and Municipal Governments budget requirements determines the residential property tax rate.  

Whistler's historical tax rates are below.  Your property value is multiplied by this tax rate to determine your annual property taxes.

The proposed 2023 tax rates are going to be higher and the RMOW i just going through it 's budgetary approval process.

Historical Property Tax Rates

Watch the video below from the BC Assessment office.

Who is the BC Assessment Office, what do they do and how do they determine the value of your home as at July 1 2022?

Meet the Johnsons.  This video from the BC Assessment Office explains the process of valuing your property.

How BC Assessment Assesses Properties

What if you disagree with the value in your
BC Assessment Notice?

At the bottom of the first page of your BC Assessment Notice is a section titled "What if I believe my assessment is Incorrect?"

The first step is to compare your assessed value to other similar properties.

The second is to call the BC Assessment Office to talk to them about your findings to see if they will adjust your value through a discussion alone.

If the Assessment Office assigned to you does not agree, then you ca file a Notice of Complaint (appeal) for a formal hearing with an independent Property Assessment Review Panel.

NOTE:  your appeal must be filed by January 31, 2023

You will be given a hearing date between Feb 1 and March 31.  Gather evidence with my help regarding your disagreement with regard to your value to take with you to your Hearing (your hearing is done via teleconference - not in person).  And be prepared to give written and verbal evidence of your thoughts.  

The Panel will listen to both yourself and the office from the BC Assessment Officer and come to a decision regarding any changes to your value at that Hearing.  If any changes are to be made, the Panel will instruct the BC Assessment Office after that Hearing and you will receive written notice.


What does the Property Assessment Review Panel Do?

Under the Assessment Act, Property Assessment Review Panels (PARPs) are appointed by the Minister of Finance to review property assessments. PARP hearings take place between February 1 and March 15 each year.


Each panel has three members, one of whom is appointed as Chair. Panel members are selected on the basis of merit, following an open, transparent and consistent process. The individuals selected are fair and open-minded, and possess business and/or community experience.


Approximately 35 panels are appointed throughout the province to hear property assessment complaints.  PARPs have the authority to investigate and adjudicate property assessments. Their purpose is to ensure that property assessments reflect actual (market) value. They also ensure that assessments are applied consistently within a municipality or rural area. They do this by reviewing and making decisions on formal complaints filed by the public.


PARPs are the first formal level of review for property assessments. Property owners may appeal panel decisions to the Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB). Board decisions may be appealed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia on points of law.

I was appointed by the Ministry of Finance to a Property Assessment Review Panel for 2022 and 2023 and can answer any questions you have regarding your assessed value or the appeal process.  I can also help you gather evidence if you decide to appeal. 

However, I will have to excuse myself if your appeal does come before my personal Panel as it is a conflict of interest.


Send me an email to set up a time to chat

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