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June Market Update, COVID response

When is it a good time to buy?

I have no single family homes left to sell!!


8644 Lakewood Court, Alpine

6.5 beds, 4 baths. 1 bed suite. 2 car garage. 20,300 sf lot. 2,880 sf home. Sold for $2,099,000 in 80 days. Completed May 27, 2020

6285 Bishop Way, Whistler Cay Heights
6 beds, 3.5 baths. 1 bed suite. 2 car garage. 8,191 sf lot. 2,761 sf home. Sold for $2,075,000 in 18 days. Completed March 31, 2020

6452 St Andrews Way, Alpine
7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. 2 car garage. 9,012 sf lot. 3,915 sf home. Sold for $2,300,000 in 91 days. Completed July 22, 2020

8579 Drifter Way, Alpine
7 beds, 3 baths. 2 bed suite. 2 car garage. 12,331 sf lot. 3,528 sf home. Sold for $2,325,000 in 69 days. Completed November 5, 2019.

9175 Emerald Drive, Emerald Estates
5 beds, 3 baths. 3 bed suite. Open parking. 2,970 sf home. 8,832 sf lot. Sold for $1,300,000 in 75 days. Completed July 30, 2019

9376 Emerald Drive, Emerald
2 bed, 3 bath. 3 bed suite. 1,500 sf home. 9,175 sf lot. Sold for $1,375,000 in 25 days. Completed. April 26, 2019

8071 Cypress Place, Green Lake Estates
Vacant Lot. 13,250 sf. Sold for $1,800,000 in 98 days. Completed July 26, 2019

4862 Casabella Crescent, Whistler Village

3 bed, 3.5 bath townhome. 1,588 sf home. 1 car garage. Sold for $2,360,000 in 87 days. Completed March 18, 2019

#24 6127 Eagle Drive, Whistler Cay Heights
3 bed, 2.5 baths. Open parking. Sold for $1,425,000 in 33 days. Completed April 19, 2019.

#35 4385 Northlands Blvd, Whistler Village
3 beds, 3 baths, 1,143 sf. Sold for $1,600,000 in 28 days. Completed December 30, 2019.


4820 Casabella Crescent, Whistler Village

3 beds, 3 baths. 2,284 sf townhome. Successfully negotiated the purchase for my buyer in 6 days at $2,880,750. Completed January 14, 2019.

6412 LinksIde Road, Whistler Cay Heights

5 beds, 3.5 baths. Open parking. 3,400 sf. Successfully negotiated the purchase for my buyer in 13 days at $3,350,000. Completed July 10, 2019

#41 2641 Whistler Road, Nordic Estates
3 beds, 2 baths. 1,635 sf townhome. Successfully negotiated the purchase for my buyer in 19 days at $1,520,000. Completed June 10, 2019.

#C1 6900 Adventures West, Whistler Cay Estates
4 beds, 2 baths. 1,325 sf townhome. Successfully negotiated the purchase for my buyer in 125 days at $1,250,000. Completed October 31, 2019.

Here are custom links to some of the unique properties of Whistler. does not give potential buyers the chance to search by nightly rental zoning or to include/exclude the phase 2 nightly rental properties. I am able to do some of these searches from the back end.. here you go:

  • 83 Phase 1 nightly rental condos & townhomes in Whistler Village and on the Blackcomb Benchlands - unlimited personal use and AirBNB/VRBO permitted**. Click here
  • 44 Phase 2* nightly rental suites for sale. The majority of phase 2 suites are in full service hotels. Click here
* The phase two nightly rental covenant restricts owner personal use of the property to 28 days in the summer, 28 days in the winter and requires that the property is available for rentals through a property rental management company. With phase 2 properties, a rental pool situation is most commonly in place, i.e. so long as your suite is available for rent (even if no one sleeps in it that day) it is entitled to a share of any rental revenue earned. Whenever an owner is not using the suite personally, it is mandatory it be part of the rental pool.

** Hilton Whistler Resort & Tantalus Lodge rentals must use front desk
Should You Buy or Should You Sell Now?? YES!
I have NO properties to sell and have buyers waiting!
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WHY. ...

  • What I do know.... Prices right now
  • What I know .... there's a solid number of sales occurring
  • What I also do know .... properties are taking longer to sell (91 days vs 40 days).
  • What I don't know.... what the market is going to do in the fall.

  • What I do know.... history ... I have worked in real estate for 20 years, in 2 of the last ten year cycles (and started at the end of the 3rd). The markets went up and then down. We had a peak at the end of 2018 and if the other cycles are an indication of the future, pricing will soften.
  • What I expect to happen ... Buyer pressure to reduce prices as the number of listings on the market increases.
  • What would I do? ..... List now while we know what we are dealing with.

  • Remember ... buyers want move in ready. Spending time getting your property spruced up to sell brings you more money, a quicker sale and an easier transaction.

-->>. Ask me about my proven marketing program where I market before the property goes live.


  • The number of properties coming on the market is increasing -- and so are the number of sales!
  • What I do know .... Prices right now. Use my expertise. Really.
  • What I also know .... The best time to buy is when you see your perfect property. It's harder to try and work the market.
  • What I also know... no matter what type of property you are looking for, you will end up having less than six to choose from. And if you are looking for true slopeside even less.
  • What would I do? ... Buy the property that fits your preferences when you see it. There will always be compromises. Pick the one closest to perfect and we can improve on the compromises.
  • Remember.... location, light and view. Cosmetics can be changed.
  • What I do know ... buy now if you see your perfect property. Mortgage rates are low, look for properties that have been on the market longer that have done price reductions. There are always sellers that need to sell (yes, we have a few. Not many but let me help you find them).
  • What you should do... Get pre-approved for your financing so you can move quickly. If you have a favourite building or area, do your research. Read the strata documents; does the property have history; any building reports; building inspection? Do what you can to have as few conditions as possible. Cash, unconditional, quick close... strong offer!!

--->>. Let's make a time to go through your buying strategy.

Send me a text or email and I will call you to go through your property preferences to find your perfect property today! 604 902 2033.
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