When you start the process of buying or selling a property, you come across a lot of acronyms – MLS® being one of them.

MLS® stands for Multiple Listing System. It’s a system established by Canadian real estate boards and associations to make the buying and selling process a little easier on everyone. This cooperative system provides a sort of one-stop-shop, where a multitude of property listings are located in one place.


Let’s look at an analogy involving buying a new car:

Let’s say you have a general idea of the size of vehicle you want, but you’re not sure which make or model is best for your needs. You’ll have to visit multiple dealerships in order to get an idea on pricing and other features for various types of cars. For instance, the…

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Our American friends have for a long time had a love affair with Whistler. In recent years the favourable exchange rate has prompted increased numbers of Americans visiting and buying property in Whistler whether for investment, recreational use or both. Whistler Blackcomb being acquired by Vale Resorts will surely increase the demand of Whistler for US ski-bound travellers, and the 15 percent foreign buyer’s tax which effects Metro Vancouver will likely push buyers to surrounding areas such as Whistler. Many believe that the ‘Trump Effect’ could also increase the desirability of Canadian real estate to those looking for an exit strategy from the US. So just how significant is American investment in Whistler real estate, and is it expected to increase due…

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