Winter is just around the corner and according to the long-term forecast, Whistler is in for a cold, snowy one! With the drop in temperatures comes a whole list of things to do to get your home winter ready. Preparing your home for winter can help alleviate large hydro bills, an unwanted draft and damage that can be costly in the long run. So get your home cold weather-ready with these cost effective tips to winterize your home.

Seal The Windows

Window seals can break down over time or become damaged, resulting in the outside air coming in that can force you to turn up the thermostat. Fill cracks with caulking or install weather stripping where needed to prevent this from being a problem. If this is something out of your realm, hire a handyman to get the job done!

Clean the Garage

Before the storms roll in and cover everything in snow, get your garage all tidied up so it is ready to have your car parked inside. Not only will mornings be much nicer when you step right into a warm car but you will be thankful you did this when a layer of frost has covered everything in sight!

Prep the Fireplace

A cozy fire after a day full of activity on the ski hill is something very quintessentially Whistler. Before you use your fireplace, make sure it is cleaned out. A fire with leftover debris from the winter season prior can be a fire hazard. Call the local chimney cleaning service to have your fireplace checked and cleaned.

Turn Your Water Off

Freezing temperatures are less than ideal for your pipes. Ensure that your outdoor watering systems are empty to prevent water freezing and consequently, cracking your pipes. To do this, locate the main valve and turn it off.

Pack Up The Patio

Sitting outside and admiring the view can be nice but the cold weather that winter brings will keep your patio sessions short…really short! Pack up all of your patio furniture to protect it from the elements. Also, don’t forget to protect any designer trees or plants with burlap that could be damaged by lower temperatures.


Before the beginning of the change to colder weather, take a cloth to the baseboard heating in your home and have your furnace inspected as well as serviced. These simple tasks will ensure the efficiency and safety of your home heating system as well as maintenance of optimum temperature levels in your home.

Carbon Dioxide and Fire Detectors

Carbon Dioxide and fires can be caused by improperly operating gas furnaces. Replace all batteries in your in your home’s detectors at the beginning of the heating season for peace of mind and protection.

Keep your family’s safety in mind while lowering your hydro bill with these great tips to get your home winter ready before the snow hits. Many of these tips are easily done and are budget friendly; However, in the case of heating or home modifications, a certified technician may be more appropriate. To have your very own home in Whistler to winterize, contact me today!

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