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Thank you for reading my March Real Estate Market Update.  I will be referring to these two charts.

Q1 2019 & 2020 comparison      Jan Feb March 2020

I am bringing you the Whistler March 2020 Market Update ☝️   A different comparison this month as we go through these substantial changes.

You will see the first 3 months of 2020 compared to each other.   And you will see Q1 2019 and Q1 2020 comparisons.  Click on the video link above to listen along.

There are more listings on the market which is a bit of a surprise, although when life happens and you have to sell, you list your property.  Whether it's job relocation.  Downsizing or some other reason.  There are always properties to sell.  

Today, we know where the prices are approximately and we can price your property around or a reasonably lower to see whether a buyer is interested.  If not we can make adjustments.  That is better than waiting until towards the end of the year when I believe prices will definitely be lower.

Expected was a decrease in sales and lengthening of the time on the market.

The March 2020 average sale price was considerably higher than January/February due to 4 luxury homes removing their subject conditions right in the middle of the month just as COVID-19 was getting serious.   Remember, you cannot back out of a contract just because you are getting nervous.  If you have a subject to financing clause (as an example) and the bank approves you, it has been validly fulfilled and you must remove that condition.  

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