Selling your home today looks a lot different than it did 25 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. What worked back then doesn’t necessarily apply to today’s market — and just think of all the new tools that have evolved in the not-so-distant past!

Then why are so many agents still using marketing techniques of the past to try to sell properties?

Though I have been selling properties in Whistler for more than 15 years, I don’t rely on the tactics I learned when I first entered the field to sell my clients’ properties. In fact, I pride myself on staying on top of marketing opportunities and technological trends. I continually seek to further my education and to stay on top of new marketing tech. Why? It’s simple: because my clients deserve to know that I am doing everything in my power to market their property in the best way possible.

This past summer, I became a certified Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM). I completed the REDM certification process because I want my clients to know without a doubt that I am providing them with the latest and most effective services.

Here’s what it means to have a certified REDM on your team.

REDM = Access to the Entire Market

The facts speak the truth: today, up to 97% of home buyers search for properties online as part of the buying process. If your property doesn’t have an online presence, then it is being missed.

In other words, qualified buyers who are interested in properties just like yours are skipping right over it. A certified REDM agent makes sure this doesn’t happen.

How? In addition to my regular marketing initiatives, I boost the property’s online presence through blog posts, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, and search engine optimization, among other tools.

My goal is to ensure that your property ends up in front of the people who are the best suited to buy it.

REDM = Maximizing the Sales Price of Your Home

When the right people are seeing your property, you’re likely to get a higher sales price for it.

Think about it: the kind of person who values a property just like yours is willing to pay for it. Not to mention, if there are multiple parties interested in your property, they’re more likely to put forth a competitive offer.

Increasing your property’s exposure to the right audience will help ensure that you sell it for what it’s really worth.

REDM = Strategic Marketing

As part of the REDM certification, I underwent extensive training in designing marketing plans for real estate. I learned how to embrace multiple channels – including digital, print, and in-person communications – to create a customized two-phase marketing strategy for each of my clients properties.

At its foundation, the strategic marketing of your property involves generating buzz, using core marketing principles to showcase its best attributes, and choosing the right avenues for making sure your property gets seen.

Would you like to learn more about the REDM certification and how you can use it to your advantage? I’d love to chat more about your property and this designation can help you sell it. Click here to contact me for more details.

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