If you’re wishing to construct a new building, demolish a structure or make repairs, alterations or relocations to any buildings or structures in Whistler, you will require a building permit. The type of building permit required depends on the structure; all applications require a processing fee and must be submitted to the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) for processing. Here are the general steps required to apply for a building permit in Whistler.

  1. Review the Scope of the Project

Do you require a building permit for a single-family home or duplex? Commercial property? Multi-family building? The type and scope of the project will determine which type of building permit should be applied for. Review the different categories of projects, and download the appropriate package.

  1. Is a Development Permit Required?

Your project may require a development permit before the issuance of a building permit. There are some parts of Whistler which require development permits with guidelines surrounding the form and character of residential, commercial and industrial developments, protection of natural environments, and protection from hazardous conditions. If your project requires exteriors alterations, it is likely a development permit will be required. You can find out more about development permits here.

  1. Submit your Application

Once you have all of your documents together, you can submit your permit application. You will need to include supporting documents, approvals, information, building plans, signatures and fees as a part of your application. All application forms need to be submitted in person at Municipal Hall located at 4325 Blackcomb Way.

  1. Application Review

Once your application has been submitted at Municipal Hall it will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with the Provincial Building code and any other legislation applicable. You can review the BC Building Code and the Resort Municipality’s Zoning Bylaw to see if your application meets these standards and guidelines.

  1. Comments on Permit Application

At this stage the municipality staff will contact you if your permit is nearly ready to be issued, or if further action is required on your part. If further action is required, you will need to go through steps 1-4 again, addressing any concerns.

  1. Permit is Issued

The permit is issued! You are approved to go ahead with your project. The final steps before you begin is to pay the remainder of your fee, sign appropriate paperwork and pick up the permit.

  1. Construction is Inspected

It is mandatory that construction is inspected at every major stage of the project in compliance with the issued building permit.

  1. Occupancy Review

After all inspections have taken place a final review will be conducted on your file. If everything is found to be compliant an occupancy permit is granted. If there are still some issues to be addressed, this will be instructed during this phase of the process.

  1. Occupancy Permit is Issued

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