If the thought of selling your home stresses you out we’ve got something for you. First, take a breath and realize the process doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you may be imagining. Many of our clients experience a stress-free and enjoyable home selling process, and we know just what it takes for you to sell your home stress-free as well. If you’ve been thinking of putting your home on the market, but don’t want it to add any unnecessary stress in your life, follow these seven simple tips.

  1. Organize a home pre-inspection

The home inspection can be the most stressful part of the selling process. Unaware of any defects or problems, getting news of repairs is the last thing a seller wants to hear when a contract is on the table. By organizing a pre-inspection before your home hits the market, you can be fully cognizant of potential problems with your property. With this knowledge you can decide to undertake repairs, or price your home accordingly based on the inspection findings. Having the confidence of knowing the condition of your home will eliminate any stresses that arise when a sale is subject to inspection.

  1. Have all repairs done

You may be aware of some outstanding repairs or discover needed repairs during the inspection. Having all of the repairs done before your property is on the market will eliminate last minute scrambling and fixes to get the home in selling condition. Small repairs such as loose door handles, chipped paint and rotten external stairs should always be addressed at the outset. Larger repairs such as a new roof or upgraded hot water tank can be rectified beforehand, factored into the pricing or negotiated with the buyer.

  1. Be prepared to sell

Once you have decided to put your home on the market, and in market conditions like we are seeing here in Whistler, your home is going to sell. Knowing this, it is never to early to start packing. Removing clutter is the first step so your home presents in a better light, and those little items that have no immediate use are put away until you’re in your new place. For those looking to stage their home, packing up the majority of belongings will not only save you packing time after the sale completes, but will likely decrease the numbers of days your home is on the market as buyers will sense motivation and a quicker completion date.

  1. Know where you’re moving

Make sure you have accommodation lined up before you sell. If you’re planning on moving within Whistler this is extremely important due to the lack of housing available both to buy and to rent. The last thing you want is to sell your home and have no where to go. Whether you feel comfortable buying a home before yours is listed on the market, staying at a friends or relatives in the meantime, or renting a property, make sure your exit strategy is organized before your home hits the MLS.

  1. Be social outside of the home

Presenting a tidy home will help it sell faster and for more money. To keep your property in optimal shape and to reduce the stress associated with keeping it clean, keep your socialising outside of the home. Whether this means going to visit relatives instead of having them stay with you, or going out for dinner instead of hosting in your kitchen. Keep the in-home socialising to a minimum while your place is on the market.

  1. Stay flexible

In an ideal world your property would sell for the exact price you have set, completing on the exact dates and with the ideal terms. Although this is possible, it is important to be flexible with some or all elements of the contract. If you are firm on price try being more fluid with dates, this will help your negotiating position. Having every aspect of the sale planned out will add undue stress. Have your ideal scenario in mind, but stay flexible.

  1. Hire a leading REALTOR®

Having a professional and experienced Realtor in your corner is instrumental to reducing stress. A real estate agent that can connect you with the right professionals when you need them, answer questions when you have them, and understand your goals and objectives when it comes to the sale is crucial. Here at the LEADING EDGE Real Estate Team we have a proven track record of success with multiple five star reviews from clients. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond, and being the professional dot connector in our local community.

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