You could be purchasing a home or perhaps you are looking to add value before selling. Regardless, there may be a few home improvements that need to be made for your dwelling to suit you or a prospective buyer’s needs. In recent years, there has been a shift from completing just any home renovations and many homeowners are looking to green their home as a way saving of money and lessening their carbon footprint. Wondering where to start to make your Whistler home sustainable? Here are 7 green home improvements for mountain homes!

Wood Burner

Heating your home with wood is economical and environmental. This carbon neutral method uses the power of wood to heat your home as opposed to electricity or gas. What’s more, a wood burning stove is a highly desired attribute of a mountain home- think curling up in front of it after a day of skiing!

Active Solar

Now, supplementing your power source with active solar is an undertaking but the savings, as well as the environmental benefits, will pay off in the long run. There are options to go fully solar but it often depends on the climate and the available orientation of the roof that the panels are being placed on. Many mountain regions would not have the daily sunlight to sustain a fully solar home.

Wood Doors

Research suggests that replacing your door has a high return on investment. This makes sense as it is one of the first parts of the home that people come in contact with. Make your door sustainable by using wood, which is considered energy efficient. An added bonus is its attractive patinas.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Get rid of those old appliances that are energy suckers. There are many new models on the market that are energy efficient. Not only do they save money but they are better for the environment too.


Having single paned windows can be a source of heat loss. It is recommended to replace all single pane windows with double-paned, vinyl trim windows. You can prevent up to 25% of annual heat loss with just this one improvement. Think of the savings and the reduction in energy use!

Water Butt

A water butt collects rainwater for later use. It can be used to water plants, wash your car and just about anything else that doesn’t require treated water. This can come in handy in the summer months when there are watering restrictions in place.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heating extracts heat from the earth and transfers it into your home. You may think this just couldn’t be possible in the winter months since the ground and everything else in Whistler gets so cold. The truth is that approximately 6 and 10 meters underground, the temperature of the earth is no longer influenced by changes in surface temperature and hovers around 8 to 10 C. This method can both heat and cool your home.

There are many options for making your home green that will help the environment, make your home more comfortable and add value to it. Looking for a home to call your own and make green? We can help!

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