Where will you live? Where will you call home? These questions are often part of the beginning stages of moving and finding the answer may not be straight forward. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing where you will look for your future home. Jobs, climate, taxes, affordability and lifestyle are just to name a few. Speaking to local homeowners is a great way to gain insight into why they chose to call their current location home. We’ve done the work for you and spoken to the locals that have bought here about why they love Whistler!

Carolyn K.

Moved Here: 2014

Home Owner Since: 2014

Loves Whistler Because: I’m currently not living in Whistler full time but the lifestyle makes the commute worth it! The market in Whistler is very different than the city so working with a realtor is a must.

Eric P.

Moved Here: 2010

Home Owner Since: 2012

Loves Whistler Because: I would need a novel to fill what I love about Whistler… but basically, every season has something fun to offer!

Kathleen M.

Moved Here: 2007

Home Owner Since: 2008

Loves Whistler Because: I love the lifestyle and it feels like you never age. Also, you can go to a coffee shop and sit at a table with stranger and it’s not weird. Human interaction is not hard here. Everyone is just so friendly.

Bianca M.

Moved Here: 1993

Home Owner Since: 1995

Loves Whistler Because: The blue jays! And the lakes, the swimming, the summer. The locals told me before I moved here that winter brings you here and summer keeps you here. There is also the amazing community. Coolest thing is that everyone has moved here because they want to be here. It’s generally a positive place because of that!

Dana C.

Moved Here: 1996

Home Owner Since: 2013

Loves Whistler Because: I like ot go skiing even if it’s only for an hour before work and I like to ride a bike on a different trail everyday that is usually just outside your house.

Steve S.

Moved Here: 2002

Home Owner Since: Since the first day I arrived. I knew Whistler was the place I wanted to be so I went all in and invested in my future.

Loves Whistler Because: What I love about Whistler is even on a work day I can still hit the bike park, go for a pedal, take a dip in one of our lakes, and follow that up with a pint at any number of patios. And that’s just in summer. There’s so much awesome to be had up here my head spins at the possibilities.

Kayla A.

Moved Here: 2008

Home Owner Since: 2010

Loves Whistler Because: Everyone wants to be here. Accessibility of recreation and tons of multi use trails. A variety of life styles for all different life stages really does exist here. There is also the best of both worlds being in the mountains and close to the city, but also close to remote areas depending on which way you drive on the highway!

Deciding on Whistler as the location of your future home may or may not be easy and all variables should be reflected upon. Many would say that Whistler is a magical place. It’s energy, beauty, and seemingly endless activities draws those from all around the world. Some only stay for a season or two while other’s make this place home. One thing that everyone has in common living in Whistler, is that they are choosing this lifestyle and location. Is Whistler where you are choosing to call home? Let me share my passion for the Whistler lifestyle by helping you buy your dream home!

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