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A quick review of buyer origin graphs above:

  •       Canadians have always been the biggest buyers of Whistler real estate.
  •       Canadian buyers reached a high of 91.45% in 2020 and 95.86% in 2021. 
  •       Lower Mainland/Vancouver have been the largest portion of this population.  Approximately 10% comes from the rest of Canada.
  •       Over time the average percentage of Canadian buyers of Whistler real estate was between 82% to 86%.
  •       Buyers from the USA peaked in 2016 at 10.5% and in 2019 at 10.24%. 
  •       The balance of buyers is mixed between UK, Mexico, Australia and Asia
  •       So far in 2022 USA has been over 7% of buyers and it this is expected to rise due to the weak Canadian dollar ($1USD buys $1,338 Canadian.  $1,000,000uSD = $1,338,000CAD)

Use this currency converter to determine the current USD to CAD rate   HERE

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