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Karen Garrett
Professional Mortgage Broker
DLC Sea to Sky Mortgages Team

Cell: 604.938.3638
Email: karen@seatoskymortgages.com

Rates as of: May 31, 2021

Terms Posted
  Per $100k
Our Rates Payment
  Per $100k
6 Months 3.04% $475.30 2.79% $462.54 $12.76
1 Year 2.79% $462.54 1.84% $415.77 $46.77
2 Years 2.94% $470.17 1.54% $401.59 $68.59
3 Years 3.49% $498.74 1.54% $401.59 $97.16
4 Years 3.74% $512.02 1.84% $415.77 $96.25
5 Years 4.59% $558.49 2.09%

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November Whistler Real Estate Analysis



It's a Sellers Market
Simple supply and demand.
Little supply.  BIG demand.

Active listings continue to go down 
The number of sales keeps going up
The average and median sales prices keep going up
List prices are being corrected to match buyers perceived market value


What does this mean for buyers?

I have said for many, many years, the right time to buy is when you see your perfect property.  Now, no property is absolutely perfect.  It could be in the right location.  Has the number of bedrooms & bathrooms you need to fit your family.  All the amenities you want.  

But maybe it needs new paint.  New furniture.  The kitchen and bathroom are outdated.  You are wondering if you are going to pay too much.

Relax ....  take a step…

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Listing Changes in the past 7 days
61 new listings in Whistler since June 16 2020. Click here
(see my favourites down below) 21 price changes in Whistler since June 16 2020. Click here 32 buyers removed subject conditions since June 16 2020. Click here



61 Whistler properties were transferred to new owners*. Click here There are 406 active listings in Whistler (going up). Click here


If you would like your custom search give me a call 604 902…

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The Contract of Purchase & Sale outlines the terms and conditions on which a transaction takes place.  Prepared by the BC Real Estate Association. 

The video provides essential information to help consumers understand the CPS, addressing many common questions they may have, including:

  • When does the process begin and when is the Contract of Purchase and Sale used?
  • What information is included in the Contract of Purchase and Sale?
  • What do the terms in the contract mean?
  • And many more


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Whistler Cay Heights

Listing Changes since April 1 2020
49 new listings. Click here
25 price changes. Click here
19 buyers removed the subject conditions. Click here


66 properties were transferred to new owners*. Click here

*(note that some of these would have been under contract before COVID-19 but they weren't going to be transferred to the buyer until April)

There are 338 active listings in Whistler. Take a look at my website. Whistler-RealEstate.ca

April 2020
Whistler Real Estate Update

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