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It’s a competitive real estate market in Whistler, and sellers are asking (rightly so) why list my property with you and not your competition? The days of sticking a sign in the yard, plopping a listing on the MLS, and hoping for it to sell are over. The industry has changed, the market has changed, and the buyers have changed. The LEADING EDGE Real Estate Team differentiates from the competition by staying on the cutting edge of these changes. We are using the latest in technology and marketing innovation to sell homes faster and for more money, delivering five star service the entire way. If you’re wondering what sets The LEADING EDGE Real Estate Team apart from the competition when listing your home, let us tell you.

Preparing the listing


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For the last few days I have been in Las Vegas with over 5000 RE/MAX agents from around the world learning about the latest in real estate innovation, connecting and networking with fellow colleagues, and celebrating the powerful RE/MAX brand which is the strongest, most recognized and most powerful real estate brand in the world. I was honoured to be awarded the RE/MAX Titan Club distinction and can’t thank my clients, colleagues and team members who were part of my real estate success this year. I attribute much of my success to my alignment with the world’s most powerful real estate brand, and I thought I would share with you some reasons why RE/MAX really is the best in the world, and what this means for both buyers and sellers.

REMAX was founded

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If you’re looking to understand the different property types available in Whistler, as well as what different zoning restrictions and covenants permit in terms of use, then you’ve come to the right place: my unofficial guide to Whistler Property Types. Here’s what you need to know.


Property Types


A chalet is the name we use for a single-family home in Whistler. It’s perfect for the mountains, isn’t it?


A duplex is one building with two separate dwellings, each with its own separate entrance. Usually, the dwellings are side-by-side and are connected by a shared wall. When we refer to a duplex, we typically mean one of the two units.

Triplexes and fourplexes are other terms you might here, referring to three dwellings in

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When it comes down to it, the permanent residents of Whistler make up a small, tight-knit community and with the title of local, comes a certain set of benefits. Believe it or not, waking up to spectacular views, being surrounded by lush forests and having world-class terrain at your fingertips, is just a piece of what makes Whistler awesome. The perks of being a Whistler local extend beyond the obvious and into the very essence of community. We’ve gathered up a few of the not so obvious advantages of making Whistler the place you call home.

The Scandinave Spa

The perfect end to any day on the hill is soaking those tired muscles in a warm hot tub. The Scandinave Spa offers a more comprehensive experience that includes hot/cold baths, steam rooms,

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Can your mortgage pass the stress test?

A month ago, the Department of Finance announced that it had updated its regulations for insured mortgages. If you anticipate financing a property purchase with an insured mortgage, or if you will be renewing an existing insured mortgage at the end of its term, you should be aware of how these changes will affect you.


What Is an Insured Mortgage?

If you are purchasing a home with less than a 20% down payment, you are required to have mortgage insurance. This is obtained through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which is backed by the federal government, or through one of two private insurers, Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company or Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Company

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There comes a time in every Whistler parents life when their child has reached the highest level of kids ski school and can no longer attend. Since many Whistler children have skied since they could walk, this often means they are at a very young age when they have reached this milestone. What’s more, ski school has the extra bonus of getting your child on the mountain more than you could alone and providing a safe environment. If your child can no longer attend, the challenge arises of how to manage your kids and skiing. We have a few tips to help your child move from the safety of ski school to skiing smartly with friends!

Ski with a Whistle

There are many hazards that exist on the mountain and attaching a whistle to your child’s jacket could

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When you start the process of buying or selling a property, you come across a lot of acronyms – MLS® being one of them.

MLS® stands for Multiple Listing System. It’s a system established by Canadian real estate boards and associations to make the buying and selling process a little easier on everyone. This cooperative system provides a sort of one-stop-shop, where a multitude of property listings are located in one place.


Let’s look at an analogy involving buying a new car:

Let’s say you have a general idea of the size of vehicle you want, but you’re not sure which make or model is best for your needs. You’ll have to visit multiple dealerships in order to get an idea on pricing and other features for various types of cars. For instance, the

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Being a RE/MAX associate is more than just helping clients achieve their home or property dreams. As an associate, we take great pride in giving back to our community, helping better it for our children and future neighbors. One of such ways is devoting time to fundraising for countless charities and local causes. For a number of years, The Children’s Miracle Network is one charity that RE/MAX has remained heavily involved in fundraising for.

Just what is the Children’s Miracle Network? In Canada, this charity raises funds and awareness for 14 children’s hospitals. The donations that are collected stay regionally and are directed to support critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and research. Additionally, funds are

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The beginning of a new year is filled with hope and promise. Hoping to make changes that stick, many set financial or personal goals that they would like to achieve in the following twelve months. Buying or selling real estate is no different and can often be found on someone’s resolution list. For some, it may be acquiring an investment property or for others, purchasing a first home. Whatever your real estate goal, decisions surrounding realty are not to be taken lightly and there are many steps along the way that can facilitate a smooth transaction. Think of these steps as mini-resolutions.

If buying or selling a home is one of your 2017 goals then we have a list of real estate resolutions to help make that happen!

Make a budget.

For home

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The Province of British Columbia recently announced a new program to help make home ownership more accessible among first time home purchasers in British Columbia.

The Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (HOME) Partnership program matches a first time purchaser’s contribution to the down payment (with certain restrictions, detailed below) in the form of a loan, which is interest- and payment-free for the first five years of its term.

Could this new program help make your Whistler home ownership dreams more accessible? Keep reading for more information.

Who is Eligible?

If you have never owned a property or an interest in a property – in British Columbia or anywhere else in the world – you may be eligible for the HOME Partnership. Applicants must be

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